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Anonymous asked:

I LIVE IN FLORIDA! (in the shittiest city ever tho) we're so close rn!!! Btw i'm glad everything was settled~

Do you really???? Im actually hoping to do a USA 6thgun meetup!!!

Im in the most boring part of florida, bradenton!!!


Anonymous asked:

YO I NEED YOUR ADVISE! ;A; ok so I really want to dress vk and dye my hair an stuff but I´m just so scared of what my family thinks...what do? How can I make them understand? Like yes I am older than 18 but still I don´t want mom to be mad at me ;A;

My advice is, if you want to do it, DO IT! Your family will always be upset at first, but if you show them that you are simply changing your apperance and not your personality, then they become more comfortable and accepting.

Show them that you just want some variation and arent doing it to be rebellious or anything like that!


Anonymous asked:

I´m so glad you are ok! >_<

Thank you so much! I really couldnt have done it without my followers. I seriously and literally could not. i love you giys so much

My sweet honey babies!
Im okay!!!!!

i fought with the airlines and the embassy for days and they finally shipped me back to america for a bit!!

Im okay and ill be back in japan before the year is out or at the open of the new year. I havent decided yet.

Anyways, for now, i am in florida! Im gonna try to break my hiatus really soon!!!

I love you all and ill attack my ask box soon i promise







This shit better work


what if we all got paper lol

I am not even kidding but I am reblogging this twice in a row because I just got $275.

ok so i reblogged this the other day and DELETED it because i was like “this is dumb i dont want this on my blog” and then i found $50 in my wallet. i have no idea how it got there. i check my wallet all the time, i never carry cash and i was starving at the end of last month, flat broke. REBLOGGING AGAIN 

Yo. I need this hard.

Hello my bbies!
Well……i left japan and joked that i would “capture the spirit of adventure” before i returned………um….
I think i went overboard hahaha!!!!!!

When i arrived back in japan from my korean adventure, i was immediately detained for four days! I couldnt communicate much and my phones were taken away too!

Finally, they shipped me off to another country. i wasnt allowed to get clothes, food, money, so i literally only have one bag.

I was NOT issued a deportation nor am i banned from japan. I didnt do anything illegal or alarming. The only reason i was detained for so long is cause japanese staff cant do anything useful within a decent amount of time. (No seriously at one point it actually literally took them 24 hours to go ask someone one question and tell me the answer) They told me to come back when i want, but with a proper visa. basically i used up my “free days.” Thankfully, im welcome back any time.

I probably wont be able to get back until late november, so i might be here a little while. Ive got two more nights at this hotel, and then im not sure what. i dont have a laptop, cash, or a place.

To be honedt, i was planning on moving here by late aug/sept in case i didnt find a stable something in japan. I ended up getting stable enough to stay, but ended up having to be here anyways hahaha.

Every little bit of help counts! If you can spare advice, tips, a couch, a meal, a train ticket, ill be very happy. Today my bf couldnt stand my poorness and after much debate of me telling him not to, he sent me money anyways. Its only a little but i finally got to eat, and got a brush and shampoo! I feel refreshed!!

You all have been so kind to me and signal boosting like crazy! I love you guys for it, and once im more settled, ill try to do a meetup.

To everyone that purchased from me!!!
Im sorry! I had planned on sending out everything the day after returning, but obviously that cant happen. I can do one of two things for you! I can attempt to refund before the year is up OR you can wait until i return later this year to send everything just on time for christmas!


Anonymous asked:

Did someone show up? Like do you have a place to stay? I wish I could help you but unfortunately I don't live anywhere near England ;-; I wish you good luck :<

Noooo im sleeping in the airport. I have nowhere to go ugh!!

London based 6th guns!!!!

Im sorry ive been silent for days. I couldnt communicate cause immigration locked me in a room for 4 days and took my phones. I couldnt enter japan and they sent me to london.

I just arrived an hoir ago! Im alone at the airport with £50 and one bag. I wasnt allowed to get anything from home or even get money before i left. Ive never been here before, im alone, i have nothing and no one here.

It would be nice if i didnt have to sleep on the floor of the airport tonight!


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